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Welcome to Rundle School. At Rundle we work as a team to provide a safe and caring learning environment for our students. We welcome the contributions of a number of community partners including, but not limited to, E4C, The Family Centre, and Boys and Girls Club Big Brothers Big Sisters. Rundle School is a great place to be; we have a committed, caring staff and a warm and welcoming community atmosphere.


Principal's Message

Thank you for visiting Rundle School’s website. Rundle School is warm and welcoming community school. You will regularly find a number of partners, volunteers, and visitors at our school along with great kids, families, and staff.

We have a strong focus on academics, We facilitate student participation in various clubs, special events, artists in residence, performances and field trips. These activities are designed to enrich the learning experiences of our students.

At Rundle, we believe that when the adults in a child's life work together in the best interests of the child, there is a great potential for success.  We want to work in partnership with parents, extended families and community membrs to support each student as they learn and grow.  That means that we work together in a respectful and supportive manner keeping the child's best interests in mind. 

If you would like to consider becoming a part of the Rundle School community, please contact the office to arrange for a visit and a tour of our school.

Lynn Schlacht