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Clubs & Activities

At Rundle School we have 2 afterschool programs:

KIA - Kids In Action (Monday nights 3:30 - 5:00)

What is KIA? Kids in Action is part of Hope Mission, a Christian non-profit organization. Hope Mission strives to serve, strengthen and uplift men, women, youth and children. 

At KIA we run, do exercises and play active games. We think it is important for children to set goals and work towards achieving them. This year we will be working towards the goal of finishing a 5km race in the spring. 

At KIA, children have the opportunity to connect with peers and positive, caring adults. 

KIA children will eat a healthy snack at the program.


AYP - Abbottsfield Youth Project (Thursday nights 2:15 - 4:15)

Since 1986, Abbottsfield Youth Project (AYP) Society has been providing preventative life-skills programs for children aged 6-12 who live in high-risk communities in Northeast Edmonton. Our Community Outreach and Living Skills Program (C.O.L.S) program uses a learn-through-play philosophy to guide participants on how to make positive life choices, develop healthy self-esteems and learn effective communicaiton strategies. Curriculum topics include: Problem Solving, Communication, Self-Esteem, and Healthy Relationships. 

AYP's In-School program runs from September to June and is held in the Rundle school gym.


In addition to the afterschool programs, Rundle School has many clubs that run throughout the school term. 

Choir begins early in the school year and practices at lunch time.  Students in grades three to six are invited to participate.  The choir performs at special assemblies as well as other places in the community such as City Hall, Canada Place, and Festival of the Trees.

Soccer is a favorite at Rundle School. In the early spring, a team is picked from students in the soccer club to represent Rundle at city soccer meets. 

The Spirit Crew plans special theme days (such as Crazy Hat Day) and events (Random Act of Kindness Week) for everyone at Rundle.